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AntlerMax® Breeder Textured 17-6 with Climate Guard®

AntlerMax® Breeder Textured 17-6 with Climate Guard®

AntlerMax® Deer Breeder Textured 17-6 Feed, now containing new Climate Guard® supplement, is a highly fortified textured ration for confined deer designed to meet the extra nutritional demands of high scoring bucks during antler development.

This diet is also uniquely designed to supply extra nutrition to deer during their life stages when nutritional requirements are accelerated: does during lactation; does and bucks regaining body weight after the rut; and deer regaining body condition following periods of reduced intake due to climatic factors or illness. It is also an excellent creep and weaning ration for fawns.

Climate Guard® supplement

Encourages feeder visits to provide the nutrition needed to support weight gain and body condition. Comprised of high quality ingredients that support rumen function, gut heath and optimal nutrient utilization. Supports digestibility of starch in the small intestine. Helps reduce the consequences of oxidative stress. Powerful plant based ingredients help maintain feed intake, comfort, and helps sustain weight gain during climatic stress events, like hot weather.

AntlerMax® pellets, patented energy nugget, cracked and whole grains

For development of improved antler size and mass. New and improved formula provides for a high intake of high-quality proteins including AntlerMax® By-Pass Protein technology that deliver high concentrations of amino acids needed by the growing antler. Helps develop deer with exceptional body size. High-quality protein helps build muscle for improved body growth.

Diamond V® Yeast

Help improve feed intake and digestibility – Diamond V has conducted research with deer that demonstrates that under some conditions feed intake and forage digestibility were improved with the addition of Diamond V®Yeast.

Enhanced levels of vitamins and minerals

Helps support antler growth, density and strength. Enhanced levels of calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and vitamin D. Contains proprietary AntlerMax® Mineral Technology including organic trace minerals for replenishing depleted bone material stores used during antler mineralization.

High fat content

6.0% fat from several high-quality vegetable oil sources including a patented high energy nugget that helps deliver a high percent of fat directly to the growing tissues. Helps deer regain body condition quickly.

Tasco® dried kelp

Excellent source of iodine and other minerals. Research done with several livestock species has shown that body temperature is lower in animals fed TASCO®. May help maintain feed intake during periods of heat stress.

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